Alfie Deyes – Pointless and Priceless

Alfie Deyes is one of the UKs most popular vloggers. His main vlogging channel is entitled Pointlessblog. 2014 has been a brilliant year for Alfie. It has been a year in which his vlogging career went from strength to strength. He has been spectacularly successful. His film have come close to dominating our daily most watched UK vloggers video charts.

Perhaps one of his biggest triumphs was the book he published entitled The Pointless Book – which you can find here at Amazon.

(If you don’t know what a vlogger is then this article may help).

So –  what are his vlogs like?

He is young, good looking, funny and seemingly entirely carefree and he makes the sort of films his audience of tween and teenage girls adore.  If  you’re after videos of young men making balloon animal hats or films entitled “What’s On My Phone” then Alfie’s your man.

Is that the only reason why he is so popular?

It probably helps that he  is the boyfriend of fellow vlogger Zoella and Zoella is the most popular non gaming vlogger in the UK. Part of Zoella’s appeal is that she sits at the heart of a network of interconnected vloggers almost all of whom are incredibly popular. (You can read more about Zoella and her network of vlogging superstars here).

Alfie regularly collaborates with most of the leading vloggers. Naturally he makes lots of films with his girlfriend Zoella (and collectively they are known as Zalfie). He also does a lot of work with the fellow Brightonian vlogger Marcus Butler. Collectively they are known as Malfie.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes. As well as his main channel Pointlessblog Alfie has two other channels. The first of these is PointlessBlogTV. The films on this channel tend to be diary vlogs which document what Alfie has been up to as he visits the  many many YouTube meet ups and show cases that he, and the other leading vloggers, attend.

The second of Alfie’s other channels is alfiegames which, as the name suggests, is a gaming channel. It is a relatively new channel but it already has nearly a million subscribers. Alfie tends to play open world or life simulation games like Sims and Minecraft. Zoella often plays these games with him.