Caspar Lee. Weird, Funny and Very Popular.

So Caspar Lee? Who is he?

Caspar Lee is a South African vlogger – though he was born in London and is currently based in the UK. He is currently one of the most popular vloggers in the UK . (If you are not sure what a vlogger is then  this article should help).

His rise in popularity has been meteoric over the last 12 months.


Mostly because his audience of teenage girls find him adorably funny, which he is, but he is also a bit deranged and often struggles to keep his inner thought processes off screen. This causes him to have a quirky vlogging style which at times is almost unhinged. He does “hot” yoga with his mum, he frets about his sister’s sex life and he gets acting advice from famous porn stars.

Most of the popular vloggers are charming and lovely but are also a bit ‘safe’ ; they are daft but it is mostly tame stuff.  Caspar Lee is as capable of being as daft as the next vlogger (for example in one film he puts ice cubes down his shorts)  – but some of the stuff he does is genuinely unexpected.



One of the reasons why it’s unexpected is because the main audience for many of the most popular vloggers are girls between the ages of 12 and 15 and as rule interviews with porn stars are not considered appropriate for that demographic. It’s all very well basing your spiel on being naughty – but being naughty can lead someone down troublesome paths – just ask Max Miller or Jonathan Ross.

As well as all his boundary pushing weirdness are there any other reasons why Caspar is so popular?

Yes.  He is very much part of the group of vloggers, all of whom are in the Top 100 of the most subscribed to UK vloggers, whose lives are interconnected.  Zoella sits at the centre of this network and Caspar currently shares a flat with Zoella’s vlogging brother Joe. The pair of them are emerging as one of YouTube’s most popular vlogging double acts. Not surprisingly collectively they are known as Jaspar.

Another reason why Caspar is so popular is that he tends to make original content. Many vloggers tend to make films based on the same subjects. This is a process formalised with the “tag”. You make a film about, say, things you find annoying and then tag someone to make a film about what they find annoying. It’s a handy way for vloggers not to have to think too much about coming up with new ideas for content.

Caspar, and Joe, tend to avoid these tag films and try to come up with their own often daft and often clever ideas for content.

Is there anything else to know?

Yes. Caspar has a second channel entitled MoreCaspar. This film mainly contains outtakes from films on his main channel.