Marcus Butler – The Text Book Vlogger

Who is Marcus Butler?

Brighton based Marcus Butler is one of the UK’s most popular vloggers. If you are not exactly sure what a vlogger is then this article may help.

Marcus produces a huge amount of content and it all finds its way into our daily chart of the most popular UK vloggers films.

So – what is his stuff like?

His vlogs are almost ‘text book’ in producing the kind of content his audience, who are mostly  tween and teenage girls, love.  He is very good looking, funny, easy going and isn’t afraid of being daft. He also works a lot with many of the other most popular vloggers.

Like who?

He works a lot with fellow Brightonian vlogger Alfie Deyes – as a double act they are sometimes known as Malfie. Alfie is the boyfriend of Zoella and Zoella sits at the heart of an extensive network of some of the UK’s and the world’s most popular vloggers (If you’ve never heard of Zoella then this article explains why she is the current Queen of YouTube). Marcus is a key player in that network and he has made lots and lots of collaboration videos with the various vloggers associated with Zoella.

He also makes films with his girlfriend Niomi – in a double act known as Narcus.

Is there anything else I should know

Yes – two things.

Firstly – Marcus has a second channel named MoreMarcus where he keeps a video vlog diary of his day to day life. He doesn’t vlog everyday but he does tend to vlog in bursts – usually when he’s travelling or attending the many YouTube meet ups that take place all over the world.


Marcus is one of the vloggers that seems to be constantly working out how to go beyond what he is currently doing. He has made music videos, though these were half tongue in cheek,  and he is currently doing acting lessons. He has also DJ’ed on Radio 1.
He also has a shop selling branded merchandise.

He seems ambitious to turn vlogging into become something bigger.

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