SprinkleofGlitter – Funny, Bubbly and Wise

Who is SprinkleofGlitter?

SprinkleofGlitter is the name of the main YouTube channel run by Louise Pentland. Louise is a beauty and make up vlogger – though she makes all sorts of other types of film on her channel. If you don’t know what a vlogger does then this article may help.

She is one of the UK’s most popular vloggers – and like all the vloggers in our chart her channel is currently in our top 100 of the most subscribed to channels in the UK.

So she must be good

She is. Most of the films on her main channel are the typical beauty, fashion and shopping vlogs made by a vlogger of her ilk – but Louise has a quirky and bubbly style that is particularly engaging. This may be in part down to the fact that she is slightly older than most vloggers and is wise enough not to take it all for granted. And there is her daughter…

Her daughter…..?

Yes – Louise is married and is a mum. She has a very young daughter, Darcy,  who regularly appears in her films. This means  that her vlogs often cover things to do with being a parent which makes them a bit distinctive amongst the other popular vlogs – which tend to have nothing to do with any kind of responsibility whatsoever . That said – Louise can be as carefree as silly as the rest.

Anything else?

Louise is part of the extensive network of vloggers that are connected to the vlogger Zoella. Zoella Sugg is the most popular of the UK’s non gaming vloggers and the list of top 100 most subscribed to YouTube channels in the UK is dominated by people to whom Zoella has some sort of connection. You can read about that here.

In this case the relationship is that Louise is Zoella’s best friend (or chummy as they like to call each other). They regualrly make films together and together they can be hilarious.

Does she have more than one channel?

She does.  SprinkleofChatter is Louise’s second channel and it really does showcase a lot of Louise’s best qualities as a vlogger.

Louise is naturally funny and everyone she works with seems to really like her. On this channel her natural qualities of being funny and being liked shine through.  This is probably best seen in her daily vlogs (daily vlogs are daily video diaries where vloggers document their days).  Like most vloggers Louise only daily vlogs occasionally – usually from the YouTuber meet and greets such as Summer In The City ( these are showcases where YouTubers meet their fans). She also vlogs when she meets up with friends such as Zoella. Louise is also a brilliant collaboration vlogger.

Collaboration vlogger? What is that?

Collaboration vlogs are simply two vloggers  making a film together. They are probably one of the most common types of vlog mainly because they are a good way for the vloggers to expand their subscriber base.  Most collaborations usually produced 2 videos – one for each vlogger’s channel.

Louise is great at these collaboration video because she is quick witted and very funny. There is also often a very slight hint that she knows how daft this vlogging malarky is.