Tanya Burr – Hardworking, Serious and Fun

Who Is Tanya Burr?

Tanya Burr is a beauty and make up YouTube vlogger.  Like all the vloggers in our chart of the most subscribed to UK vloggers she is in the list of the UK’s top 100 most subscribed to channels.

If you don’t know what a gaming or non gaming vlogger is then this article may help.

Is she any good?

Yes. The most striking thing about Tanya is that whilst she can be as chatty and informal as the next vlogger she is a women who takes her career as a make up artist seriously. Most of the films on her main channel are either beauty and make up “how-to” films or “haul” videos where she talks about fashion and beauty products she recently bought or received. These films are the basis of her popularity and on the back of that popularity she has launched her own make up range, she writes regularly for Grazia and she is a regular at fashion shows and on fashion judging panels.

Is there anything more to add?

Yes – loads.

Tanya’s success is down to the appeal of her channel but she is also part of that mob of vloggers who are currently riding a wave of incredible popularity here in the UK

What mob is that then?

Well it’s a group of vloggers that are all connected in some way to the UK’s most popular vlogger Zoella. (You can read about Zoella here).  All of these vloggers are very successful in their own right – but the fact they all know each other and appear in each other’s films adds to their appeal.

And how does Tanya fit in with this mob?

Tanya is very good friends with Zoella and they’ve made a number of films together. She is alos the girlfriend of Jim Chapman – another very popular vlogger.  Jim is also part of that mob and was part of the Sport Relief comedy boyband which also featured Alfie Deyes (Zoella’s boyfriend),  Marcus Butler (Alfie’s mate),  Joe Sugg (Zoella’s brother) and Caspar Lee (Joe’s flat mate).

Sound like a clique

It does a bit – and there are cliques within cliques. As well as Jim being a popular vlogger his sisters run the very popular Pixiwoo channel (Tanya’s channel was originally part of this) and his twin brother is a very popular fitness vlogger.

But you shouldnt make too much out of all this clique stuff. Tanya’s appeal is that she is a hardworking young women with her own career who has a lovely boyfriend and lovely friends – and the appeal of that to core audience of teenage girls is not hard to see.

Anything more?

Yes – she has a second channel and whilst this is not updated that often (at the time of writing it hadn’t been updated in 10 months) it is this channel where you can find all the lovely boyfriend/lovely house/lovely life stuff.