Vloggers – Our Definition

What is this website all about then?

OnVid runs daily charts charts of the most watched films on YouTube made by vloggers.

What is a vlogger?

Vloggers are people who film themselves talking to camera whilst doing all sorts of stuff and then put the films up on their YouTube channel. Some people have been vlogging since not long after YouTube started in 2005. Over the last couple of years the most popular vloggers have seen their audience numbers rocket. Popular videos and vloggers easily get millions of views.

They are very much a Millennial thing.  Most of the popular vloggers were born the 80s or 90s and if they do remember a world before the Internet became huge it was when they were children. The bulk of their fans  are tweens and younger teens  and have never known a world without the Internet

So what exactly goes into their films?

Lots of vloggers started out talking about themselves and their lives to camera in their bedrooms. The content can be confessional, trivial, silly, random,  funny or all of the above. Huge amounts of vlogging is still like this – a mixture of comedy  (for example ThatcherJoe), confessional  (for example Dan Howell who likes to sit down and tell the world what he is worrying about), random chatter (for example Phil Lester who is probably the king of random) and plain weird (for example Caspar Lee whose vlogs sit somewhere between being quirky and being deranged).

Other vlogging styles include:

The Q&A video where the vlogger answers questions from their viewers.  American vlogger Tyler Oakley uses the Q&A format a lot.

The Tag Video  where a vlogger makes a film about, say, a series of questions  about their boyfriend and then “tags” another vlogger to make a film answering the same questions.

Prank Videos which are most often made by young men and which are not universally loved. Sam Pepper is the “king” of the prank video.

The Daily Vlog which is a daily video diary. Some vloggers keep these for short periods such as Christmas, or Vlogmas as it has become known, and some vloggers always vlog in this style. The most popular UK Daily Vlogger is Louis Cole who has kept a highly entertaining daily video diary pretty much constantly for the last few years.

The Collaboration Video which are when 2 or more vloggers get together to make a film. The film can be a Q&A or Tag video or anything really – the key thing here is that almost all of the most popular vloggers make collab. videos. The interconnectedness of the lives of the most popular vloggers is a huge part of what makes them successful – most of the most popular vloggers  know each other really well . Zoella, who is one of the most popular UK vloggers, sits at the heart of a network of some (if not most) of the most popular vloggers both here in the UK and worldwide.

Our daily chart The UK Vloggers is a chart of vloggers who make films in the styles listed above. However…

However… ?

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There are 2 other genres of vlogging that have become so wildly popular that they deserve categories and charts of their own.

Go on then Genre Boy – What are they?

Firstly there are the GAMING VLOGGERS.  These are vloggers who commentate on their own game playing. They are especially good at coming up with new and novel ways of swearing at zombies.

Globally the most popular of these is PewDiePie (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) a Sweden born, Brighton based vlogger He is currently the world’s most popular vlogger.  To date his videos have been watched nearly seven billion (yes that’s BILLION) times.

GAMING VLOGGERS are incredibly popular – often more popular  than all the vloggers we have included in our chart of the most popular UK VLOGGERS – which is why a lot of the vloggers we have included in our first category have recently started their own gaming channels.

At the moment our GAMING VLOGGERS  chart is not live but it will be soon.  Watch this space.


The second of the most popular types of vlogger are the BEAUTY VLOGGERS.  These vlogs offer beauty, fashion, hair and make up advice. This genre also includes the haul video where the vlogger goes shopping, usually for clothes and make up, and then shows the viewer what they have bought (aka The Haul Video)

These vloggers are usually women – though male make up artist gossmakeupartist  is one of the most popular beauty vloggers.

As well as making fashion and make up films Beauty Vloggers often make the types of vlogs we listed above  – which is why we have included the 3 Beauty Vloggers – Zoella, Tanya and Louise in our UKVLOGGERS chart.

At the moment our Beauty Vloggers chart is not live but it will be soon. Watch this space.



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