Zoella – The UK’s Top Vlogger

Who is Zoella?

Brighton based Zoella Sugg is currently one of the UK’s most popular vloggers.  When Zoella releases a new film it is very likely that it will top our Daily UK Vloggers Video Chart

If you want to know more about what vlogging is then this guide may help.

Zoella has 2 YouTube channels – her main Zoella channel (where you will find her beauty, shopping, advice and collaboration videos)  and her second More Zoella channel (where you will find her occasional daily vlog, outake and other random videos).

Of all the “vlogger strikes it big” stories you may hear or read her story is probably the most spectacular. On the back of her success as a YouTube vlogger she travels the world, has been given book deals and, it is assumed, has made a very decent living (vloggers are fairly coy about exactly how much cash they make – but there is nothing ‘minimum wage’ about their lifestyles).

In some ways she has become the face of YouTube vlogging here in the UK.

Who are her audience?

Tween and teenage girls mostly – and if tween and teenage girls owned houses then she would be a household name. In that demographic she is THE superstar.

What’s the appeal?

She’s lovely. She’s very chatty and can be very funny and she talks about stuff that teenage girls are interested in.  Also she has  a lifestyle (lovely flat, lovely boyfriend, lovely friends, lovely guinea pigs) that tweens and teens can easily aspire to.

But possibly the main reason why she is so wildly popular is that Zoella sits at the heart of a network of the most fashionable and popular vloggers on the planet. This network includes her boyfriend (Alfie Deyes), Alfie’s mate (Marcus Butler) her brother (Joe Sugg), her “bestie” (Sprinkle of Glitter), her second “bestie” (Tanya Burr) and Tanya’s boyfriend (Jim Chapman).  All of these are Top 100 UK vloggers and all of them regularly appear in Zoella’s vlogs.  Also part of her network are her close friends –  the wildly popular American vlogger Tyler Oakley, the wildly popular Australian vlogger Troye Sivan and the wildly popular South African vlogger Caspar Lee.  Again all of these vloggers crop up in her vlogs.

You could argue that our charts of the most watched UK vlogging videos could  be titled the “Friends Of Zoella” chart.

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